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CoronaVirus  get spread to the world and become danger to our live and to the humanity  worldwide m for this KN95 was founded to be the protector against this virus …..

Can wearing a medical face mask protect you against the new coronavirus? It’s a question many people are asking,

If it’s a regular surgical face mask, the answer is no, Dr. William Schaffner  an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, told Live Science : 

A more specialised mask, known as an KN95 respirator, can protect against the new coronavirus, also called SARS-CoV-19. The respirator is thicker than a surgical mask, also   the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) recommend it for public use,  also in some countries  now they force peoples to wear mask in public area 

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Certified Products

We use Quality raw material to produce our mask and we are CE certified

  • Non woven fabric
  • Melt blown material
  • Round plastic bond
  • Noise plastic clip
  • Bandage cover
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